• A Root Canal Can Help You Save Face

    In the world of sports it takes a tough man to take a shot to the face and continue to play. While it may be a tough guy that can take a shot to the face and keep going, it isn’t necessarily the smart guy that takes that stance. Trauma to your face can often result in damage to the teeth. This damage could result in chips, cracks or even losing a tooth. After receiving damage to the face it is important to see your dentist. Your dentist will be able to tell you if you need a root canal in Ogden.


    Most people do not realize it, but every tooth has a canal in the middle of the tooth. This canal is very important to the tooth and contains the pulp chamber and a nerve. The pulp chamber is a soft tissue inside the canal. The pulp and the nerve are subject to damage when the mouth receives trauma. It is not a big deal for the nerve to receive damage. The nerve only provides sensory information for the brain, such as when the tooth is hot or cold.

    Damage to the pulp is a whole different issue. When the pulp is damaged is starts to break down. The causes problems within the tooth as bacteria begins to grow within the chamber. This bacteria can result in major problems. These problems start with decay, but they grow into painful infections. By getting a root canal in Ogden before the issue arises you will have the chance to avoid an infection.

    While some of the results of a damaged root are health related, others will affect your physical appearance. After the root is damaged and begins to die, there tends to be discoloration. The damaged tooth begins to turn brown or gray until it no longer appears to be white at all.


    Even if the tooth starts to change colors, you may be able to lighten the tooth through a couple methods. The dentist could fill your tooth with a composite that is white in order to offset the darker color. This may not be a permanent fix, however. Some dentists will also bleach the teeth in order to whiten the tooth. Many dentists are able to whiten the tooth from normal bleaching procedures, but some dentists will follow their root canal by bleaching the inside of the tooth. This way the area that was darkened from the inside will be white and it won’t show through to the outside of the tooth.


    While bleaching the tooth is a good method for whitening, there are some concerns that bleaching the tooth will cause additional damage to the tooth in the long run, possibly resulting in the loss of the tooth. This is generally a chance that people are willing to take, however. It is difficult to live with a discolored tooth in a world where the quality of a person’s teeth is under such scrutiny. If you have suffered trauma to your mouth, you should look into getting a root canal in Ogden to prevent discoloration or other complications.

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