• In-Line Skating For Fitness and Fun

    In-line skating is a great way to workout. It can give you a great aerobic workout as well as toning your legs and rear end. Most people find it fun because it’s fast and varied. You control where you go as you glide, curve, spin and sprint. There are even off road skates with big knobby tires, but they’re not recommended for beginners.

    Inline skates were invented in 1980 by Rollerblade when they created a new skate that had all four wheels in line, single file style along the skate bottom, instead of two wheels in front and two wheels behind. Millions of people enjoy inline skating today and it’s popular in many countries.

    The skates are expensive. They can cost over 500 dollars a pair and even a decent inexpensive pair will cost over a hundred dollars. Fortunately you can rent them many places and try it a few times to make sure you enjoy it.

    It’s also potentially dangerous. For starters it’s tough to stop – the brakes really only slow you down. Over a quarter of a million skaters ended up in the emergency room or the doctors last year alone. You may want to practice first just on a lawn or perhaps a carpet until you get the feel of it. And I’d suggest avoiding busy streets. You cannot go everywhere a bicycle goes safely for example. Make sure you wear safety gear: helmet, knee and elbow pads and wrist guards. With some practice and a good dollop of common sense, it’s reasonable safe. Hey, people slip and die in the bathtub every year so nothing is 100% safe!

    In-line skating is fun and great exercise. It’s very popular because it’s lots of fun and I even see middle-aged businessmen carrying their skates on planes! You may want to give it a try.

    Harold has been writing for years on fitness and outdoor topics. Visit his latest Web site at Fly Reel Review where he reviews Lamson Reels and others.

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