• Information on Root Canals in Los Angeles

    Getting a root canal in downtown Los Angeles isn’t tough but the bad reputation of the procedure may make you think twice about finding a dental practice to get a root canal done. The fact of the matter is that root canals are no where near as bad as people make them out to be and if you avoid getting one you’re going to be in a lot more pain once the cavity reaches the nerve ending inside your tooth.

    Why Get a Root Canal?

    A root canal is typically needed when you have a cavity and it gets down into the interior of the tooth. This can cause a wide range of complications such as cysts on the gum line, infections, bacterial issues and more. Worst of all if the nerve is effected it will become extremely painful. Getting a root canal will eventually become necessary not just to stop the pain but to prevent your tooth from rotting away from the inside.

    Why do Root Canals have a Bad Reputation?

    Everyone has heard the phrase “I’d rather have a root canal than [insert extremely undesirable situation here].” This is because root canals used to be extremely painful back before anesthesia became more sophisticated. These days root canals are virtually pain free and feel about the same as a getting a filling. Make sure you ask your family dentist which anesthetic options are available for your procedure if you get a root canal.

    How Does a Root Canal Work

    A root canal is a fairly simple procedure that can be handled by most family dentists. It involves locating the tooth that is having the problem, usually by taking x-rays, then drilling into it. The hole is drilled in a very precise manner and the dentist then goes about removing the pulp and nerve of the tooth. This may sound drastic but your tooth really doesn’t need the nerve anyway. The hole is then either sealed immediately or in the case of an infection the dentist may decide to wait several days to ensure that it clears up first. In most cases a root canal takes around 60 minutes.

    Signs that You Need a Root Canal

    There are several signs and symptoms that could point to you having a cavity and needing a root canal. Excruciating pain in one of your teeth is definitely a strong indicator that you could have a nasty cavity. Other signs are an increased sensitivity to hot and cold in your tooth and cysts forming on the gums around the tooth. If you suspect you need a root canal don’t hesitate to contact your family dentist or a downtown Los Angelesdentist.

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