• Mainland Excellent Ice-skaters Succumb To Taiwan Performance Audience

    From Vancouver honored sportspeople king skate, PangQing, etc TongJian 19 mainland excellent skating athlete, since may date in Taipei arena rink two-day performance activities. Their superb skills impressed much Taiwanese audience, also left some funny stories.

    5 at 7pm, NFL jerseys discount weekend, LiuQiuHong, zhang will, chow five speed skater player dressed in a red shirt appeared in the rink. Started acting is beyond, arc projects, the audience were held his breath, lest disturb athletes of actions.Not so quiet spot in the Olympics, we hardly hear outside shout.” On the coach LiYan jokingly warned interpretation. Suddenly enlighted audience it in succession clapped their hands.

    In the next Rolling Circle and beyond are the speed skater effective role of beauty and life. Liyan not remind spectators shouting. Come on, come on!” Some children are more interested in his feet.Reporter around a man constantly exclamation: “It was unbelievable, lightning is true!”In figure skating performs before three Taiwan figure skating competitors also carry a warm-up show. Including a couple little sisters, 14-year-old OuYangNiNi and sister, 6 years OuYangDi birthdoy be the focus.6 years old, she Cheap basketball jerseys birthdoy first played every wealthy tong zhen action was laughing. When my sister slipping into ice picked up OuYangDi birthdoy rotates, the audience applauded warmly.

    When the music dies, sister already returned to the sideline, OuYangDi birthdoy fell in the audience, but a half-page, was one of the assistants to throw ice on the flowers and dolls, Ouyang should return ” fans” gift.Love circle and launches the connection

    5 have many fans in Taiwan is the first performances closer look very good skating rinks deep. Songnan about amazing squat again GuanJinLin unruly and keep the “go” or ice, Zhang perfect cohesion on the ground when the athlete completes several times difficult shots, the scene is almost a sizzling noise.When performing close, cheap reebok jerseys, TongJian this a dramatic combination dressed in white ice uniform, like ice elves as elegant x games, the audience atmosphere reached its climax.”Their performances are awesome; body aesthetic feeling in the ice can have been so smooth.” Watching the performance of ms Lin said, although not quite understand skating, but she still “favorite circle and throwing meet”.

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