• Shopping For Hockey Skates Simplified

    When it comes to shopping for hockey skates, the sheer volume of options often makes it a difficult task. Add these complications to the fact that the sizing standards are different than shoes and it’s even more trying. Experience is its own reward when you’re talking about buying a pair of hockey skates. Use these tips to get started on the right foot when you must buy your next pair of hockey skates.

    Goalies perform an important and unique function in hockey, and they require special equipment, including their hockey skates. If you compare the skates of a goalie with his or her teammate you’ll find that the goalies blades are consistently longer and flatter than the other skaters on the team. Goalies have to be able to move very quickly in any direction to block hockey shots. The skates are also made shorter and built to provide another layer of protection against fast flying pucks. The end result is that goalies need specialized skates designed just for them.

    If you have a certain level of experience and the budget to manage, performance hockey skates are a good idea. These are not the cheapest skates you’ll find but for the serious skater, they provide better protection, support, and mobility than lower priced skates. These skates are well known to have additional padding for one extra layer of protection in the feet and ankles. These skates are also lighter weight leaving you with additional speed and mobility on the ice. While these skates won’t turn the average Joe into a hockey super star they can help give a noticeable edge to major contenders.

    When you purchase hockey skates, you should find out if any additional services are included in the price.

    Skates need to be sharpened immediately after purchase and regularly after the purchase has been made, for example. Some shops will offer free services for blade sharpening when you purchase skates from them. Many shops will also provide free adjustments for skates that are tight on the feet for free when the skates are purchased there but this is not an option that can be used on skates that are too big – unfortunately. There are a few specialty shops that offer a feature known as baking in which the skate is “baked” in order to mold to your foot for a closer fit. But, you need to ask about these services before you buy to get them included in the price or the shop will charge a fee for them.

    Hockey skates really must become extensions of your feet, as when you’re on the ice, they are what give you speed, agility and flexibility. While it’s important to choose a good pair, don’t worry if you find this a little difficult at first. The above factors can help you pick out a good pair of skates. However, becoming really knowledgeable about skates is one of the skills you have to develop over time as a hockey player..

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